EMMA's conference presentations this summer

During the summer, we had the chance to present EMMA at two wonderful online conferences. While most in-person events have been cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic, these virtual events are a great way to ensure fruitful discussions and collect feedback, which is crucial for all kinds of research.


At the Bridging Transportation Researchers (BTR) Conference #2 on 11-12 August, Maximilian presented our results from the commuting data analysis done within EMMA. The talk is available on YouTube (see below) and you can download the slides here. Make sure to have a look at the other exciting talks at the conference as well! A special thanks to Kara Kockelman (University of Texas at Austin, USA) and Elnaz Irannezhad (Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), Australia) for organizing this event.

(Max’ Zoom broke down at the start of his presentation, so you’re seeing the backup version…)


On September 10, we were invited to present in the Accessibility session of the Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport track of the European Transport Conference, moderated by Michael Bach. Maximilian presented the technical architecture behind our accessibility model and showed some results and applications for practice. The slides are available for download here while the recording is only available for conference attendants.

Maximilian Pfertner
Maximilian Pfertner
Researcher & PhD Candidate

EMMA’s main researcher.